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Parallel to the proven beneficial properties of olive oil in humans as nutriment, it has been observed that the external application in various parts of our body, can have equally stunning results.

The use of it in the hygienic of the body as well as in the skin care and hair is well known. The healing properties of olive oil was first reported by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. In the Hippocratic Code more than 60 medicinal uses of olive oil can be found, with the most important the one against skin diseases.

Olive oil was used to maintain good skin and the brilliancy of muscles, for the treatment of blisters, to relieve burns and dehydration caused by the sun.

Olive oil was prescribed medically for internal and external use, so much for health as well as for beauty.

In Greece the custom to use locally olive oil on the skin is widespread in various regions of the country and the beginning of this practice goes back centuries. Generations of women have used olive oil as a natural cosmetic. This trend today is winning more and more ground especially between fans in the frame of natural products and natural health.

Either in combination with other ingredients or just alone, the cosmetic properties of olive oil are confirmed almost daily by specialists and we now see an entire branch of cosmetology growing around it. In each case pure olive oil has softening, moisturizing and antiseptic properties and can be especially effective in many uses. It offers unique moisturizing and effective protection even against conditions characterized particularly difficult.


So before you start buying your favorite cosmetic line, see below in what ways you can use this unique herbal product as a beauty elixir:

For velvety skin

Dip the tips of your fingers in olive oil and massage the face and neck, until the oil is completely absorbed by the skin. After an hour rinse with plenty of water and some white foam from an olive oil soap. The more you repeat the process throughout the week, the better results you’ll have.

 It applies to all ages (from teens to the old ages) and any type of skin conditions. It helps prevent wrinkles.

For night care

At least one hour before going to bed, smear your face with a mixture of an equal quantity of olive oil and lemon juice. Leave it to act, and before sleep, rinse with plenty of water. This benefits the renewal of cells during sleep and gives a vigorous skin.

For soft hands

Massage with lukewarm oil at least 2-3 times a week and let it be absorbed. Then rinse your hands with warm water and wipe gently.

For strong nails

Soak a piece of cotton or cotton bud in olive oil and gently massage the fingernails of both hands and legs letting it to be absorbed. Your nails will gradually strengthen and shine. This is also a good preparation for a manicure or pedicure.

Soak a piece of cotton or cotton bud in olive oil and gently massage the fingernails of both hands and legs letting it to be absorbed. Your nails will gradually strengthen and shine. This is also a good preparation for a manicure or pedicure.

For body peeling

Mix olive oil with thick salt and rub with it the whole body. This process will give reanimation and healthiness, even if done with plain oil. Do not forget that athletes in ancient Greece smeared their bodies with olive oil before matches so as to warm and strengthen their muscles, while the smearing of the body was also popular for both therapeutic as well as for cosmetic purposes.

For soft shiny hair

When the hair suffers hardships, is dull and dry after various technical tasks, a massage with olive oil from the root to the tip of the hair – at least once a week – leaving the oil on your hair as much time as you can is enough. An alternative treatment is the well known mask with warm olive oil, to whichyou can add the juice of half a lemon (ask only your hairdresser if the lemon affects the dye). Apply thoroughly mixture on your hair and cover for half an hour with a plastic hood. Then wash with a gentle herbal shampoo.

For lips

Olive oil may well replace lipozan and will strengthen the chapped and damaged lips, spreading it on the lips with a cotton bud.

Olive oil for strengthening eyelashes and make-up remover: Mix equal quantities of almond oil and olive oil and make a perfect blend of oils for cleansing, and nourishing the eyelashes. You will be delighted when you see how well and gently it cleans!

For shaving

Try to use pure olive oil instead of cream, shaving gel or foam. Oil reduces irritation caused by shaving the face or any other area of ??the body, while it leaves the skin glowing, hydrated and soft.

Olive oil as a sunscreen

Olive oil can act as a shield against the harmful rays of the sun. Scientific studies have shown that applying olive oil on the skin immediately after exposure to UVA rays from the sun can limit or reduce the harmful consequences of this dangerous radiation, such as skin cancer.

Olive oil as a Olive oil after the sun

Olive oil is suitable for the dehydration which occurs to the skin, but even for burns that may result from exposure to the sun. The moisturizing and antiseptic properties of olive oil can help to soothe and relieve pain, prevent scars and to revitalize the damaged areas.

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