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Produced from our own olive groves, the extraction is within a few hours at low temperatures in order to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics in the final product. We store it directly in the tanks with the addition of nitrogen to maintain the freshness and all its elements until the expiration date. The most important factor is that we have control of the product from the cultivation to the final production and bottling.

The intense fruity characteristics are due to the common grinding process that ensures that the olives are crushed 8 hours - at most - after the picking, at 22 degrees Celsius cold pressed

The combination of climate and soil composition of Krokees, Lakonia, in combination with the unique ancient varieties of olives, ensures the production of superior quality of olive oil with its golden-green color, its fruity aroma and its spicy taste.

A good extra virgin olive oil has the following three characteristics:


The "fruity of olive oil" is the aroma or taste, which reminds us of freshly cut, without defects, healthy unripe or ripe olives. When we say "fruity", we mean the nice taste or aroma of the fruit (fruit) of the olive and our mind should not go to some fruit.


Bitter, then, is exactly the feeling of bitterness that we can feel in our mouth when we try an olive oil which is usually made from relatively "unripe" olives, ie green-yellow-purple.


It is the burning sensation, the "spicy" that we will feel when tasting a fresh olive oil from "unripe" olives.
We bottle our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in glass bottles of 250 ml, 500 ml, 500ml Early Harvest, 750 ml, as well as in 1L bottles. To purchase our olive oil, contact us below.


Bottle our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in
100 ml & 750 ml glass bottles.

We bottle our extra virgin olive oil in glass bottles of 100 ml & 750 ml.

To get our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, contact us at the following phones
+30 699 523 1150 and
+30 693 228 7411
or fill out the contact form below.